PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia, terdaftar dan diawasi oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

Equity & Sales Division

To provide valuable services to client in PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia’s Investment. Client will enjoy assistance to invest, enter into transactions through the settlement process. Therefore we provide marketing relations, equity dealer and also settlement division ready to assist and support each transaction until they are fully realized.

To maximize services and provide tools for clients to optimize returns in equity trading, we facilitate margin trading catered especially to our experienced clients. We continuously revise our services to offer better investment solution while maintaining long term relationship to build better loyalty and satisfaction to our customer.

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Corporate Finance Division

The growth in the corporate business world and various private and public company’s activities is an opportunity and a challenge faced by PT Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia to give the optimal solution to our corporate clients. Therefore we created a Corporate Finance division focus in providing services to corporate client in company restructuring process, managing liquidity and fund raising through IPO as well as Bonds IPO. This division is supported by extensive business network with various institutions that support us in capital restructuring process that we handle for them.

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Fixed Income Division

Evergreen Sekuritas Indonesia is committed to providing quality, efficient, liquid and transparent services when dealing with different investment services. We have extensive market network and continually expand our network with retail investors including variety of institutions such as mutual funds, pension funds, local firms and international firms. Thus, market network will help our clients in their liquidity position. This division is ready to support fixed income transactions through our integrated network infrastructures. Our Debt Capital division provides services from the process of meeting buyer and seller, information exchange process and price discovery, execution of transactions, settlement process on transactions. To implement these processes, this division is supported by advanced tools of information sourcing, data processing .

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